Mind Relaxation Tips for a Tough Day at the Office

by Brandon Bova June 25, 2018

Let’s get this out of the way right at the beginning of this post--although our relaxation syrup is designed to help you slip peacefully into a state of relaxation, we’re certainly not advocating that you enjoy AKA Lean before or during work. After work? That’s the perfect time for it. Having said that, however, we do believe that if you’re having a rough day at the office, there are a few things you can do to help get yourself into the right mindset to tackle the rest of your day.

In today’s post, we’ll take a look at a few of the things you can do if you’ve been wondering how to relax your body and mind at work and make it through the day. No matter where you work, we think that these tips will help. And, of course, whatever happens at the office, you can feel some relief at the fact that no matter what else happens, you can head home to enjoy a relaxing evening with AKA Lean. So what can you do to keep calm at the office? Keep reading to find out!

A Few of Our Favorite Ways to Relax Your Mind at Work

Listen to Something

We understand that this isn’t something that can be done at every job, but if you’re in a position where you can choose your own music, do it! If not, pop in some headphones and put on something that you actually enjoy. Numerous studies have shown that listening to music you like while you’re working helps to boost your mood and improves your productivity significantly. It makes sense when you think about it. If your ears are filled with the sounds of some great tunes, how can you not be in a better mood?

The truth is that sometimes you just don’t want to listen to music, however. The good news is that situation is that there are about a billion podcasts to choose from. In this day and age, we have direct access to experts who speak on a wide range of topics. No matter what subject interests you, it’s likely that you can find a podcast to enjoy. Not sure where to start? Browse the “popular” section of your podcast app, because you will very likely find something that catches your eye and holds your attention.

Step Away and Look Outside

Sometimes it’s the littlest things in life that make the biggest difference. In the middle of the daily grind, it’s easy to forget how amazing it can feel to step away from your desk and go stand outside for a few minutes. While you’re out there, focus on the beauty of your surroundings. We know what you’re thinking, and this might be easier said than done for some. Either way, when you get yourself into the right mental space, you’ll find that something as simple as looking up at the sky in the middle of a tough day can bring some welcome relief. It’s also good for your eyes, and experts suggest the 60/60/60 rule, especially if you stare at a computer screen all day. This rule states that every 60 minutes, you should look at something that’s about 60 feet away for about 60 seconds. It’s a great tip that works well for us!

And hey, while you’re outside, why not take the opportunity to take a few deep breaths? Research has shown time and time again that focusing your breathing even if it’s only for a few minutes can make a huge difference in how you approach any given situation. If you’re feeling stressed, eager, or frustrated, taking some deep breaths is a surefire way to help get yourself back into the right mindset before heading back inside to finish your day. Trust us when we say that this little thing can make all the difference in the world.

Put a Plant on Your Desk

And speaking of things that make more of a difference than you’d think, have you ever considered putting a plant on your desk? You don’t have to have a green thumb to keep a plant alive either, if that’s what you’re thinking. There are a number of choices and regardless of your work environment (well...as long as there’s enough natural light that is) your plant can thrive, providing you with something beautiful to look at throughout your day.

If you want something you don’t have to water much, head over to your local home center or flower shop and pick up a succulent. The less you water them, the better they do. This makes them an ideal desk mate for pretty much everyone. Give them just a bit of water once a month or so and they will last you for many years to come.

Prefer something you need to water often? A bamboo plant will get the job done. As long as you keep it filled with water, it too will last pretty much forever. Top it off each morning, and you will be set for the foreseeable future. Before long, you’ll find that having a plant on your desk brings about a sense of relaxation that’s just right for when you are on the job.

Chill Out After Work With Our Relaxation Syrup

Having said all of that, there are going to be times where you just need to slip into a state of relaxation after you’re done at work. What better way to do that than with an AKA Lean drink? Pour a serving into your favorite beverage and sip it slow as you are transported into a state of mind that is tranquil and peaceful.

In this day and age of stress-filled work days, we could all use a bit of help every now and again. Our all-natural relaxation syrup is the perfect way to do just that. Take a look at the options available and place your order today, knowing that relaxation is a few sips away.

Brandon Bova
Brandon Bova