3 Things to Do Before You Start Relaxing

by Brandon Bova July 16, 2018

When you break open a bottle of our relaxation syrup you’ll be transported to a place of peace and tranquility. Putting your body and mind into a new state of relaxation is something that everyone could use from time to time, frankly. Whether you had a long day at the office and you need to enjoy a bit of relaxing time or you are feeling stressed out and you’re looking for a way to let that stress go, AKA Lean just might be the perfect solution.

Our team spend years on research and development to get everything just right. From the flavor profile to the consistency to the effects, we believe that we have created the perfect relaxation syrup. Drug-free and legal in all 50 states, all adults over the age of 18 can enjoy AKA Lean.

But in today’s post we’d like to point out a few things that you might want to consider doing before you pour up and sip slow. After all, when the environment that you’re in is clean and comfortable it just helps you to feel that much more relaxed, wouldn’t you agree? We have a few tips for how to achieve that feeling in today’s blog. Keep reading to learn more!

Before You Enjoy Our Relaxation Syrup, You Should...

Do the Dishes

There’s no doubt about it. Modern life is busy! All too often it can be easy to let the dishes pile up a bit. Sure, you might rinse them off, but more often than not they simply end up in the sink or near the dishwasher. We get it; it’s a pain to sacrifice some of the time that you could be spending relaxing to do the chores.

The truth is that if you can manage to get the clean dishwasher unloaded and the dirty dishes put into the dishwasher you are going to feel much better. You’d be surprised how much visual clutter can impact your ability to relax, but once it’s taken care of then you’ll be able to kick back and take it easy without any added stress. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Clean the Living Room

And speaking of visual clutter, the living room is often a culprate. It’s understandable, of course. You get home and you kick off your shoes, toss your hoodie over the back of a chair, and throw your socks into the corner. Then there are the dog toys on the floor. The dog’s not currently playing with them, but they’re still taking up floor space.

A little bit of effort in this department can go a long way! Simply purchase a few cubbies to tuck items away into and cleaning is suddenly a breeze. Whether it’s the remote for the television, yesterday’s mail, or some stray paperwork all you have to do is toss it into a cubby and move on with your life.

At the end of the day, a living space that isn’t visually cluttered can make a huge difference. We’re certainly not saying that you should have to break out the vacuum or dust every single surface in your house. All we’re saying is that getting rid of a bit of clutter can go a long way towards helping you to feel relaxed.

Get Comfy

The aforementioned pair of socks and the hoodie that just got tossed onto the floor? Why not take this opportunity to head to your bedroom and throw them into your laundry hamper? While you’re there you can get changed into something a little cozier. Yes, that’s right. It’s time to get out of your work clothes and into something softer.

We’re speaking, of course, about putting your pajamas on. After all, there’s nothing more comfortable on the planet than a pair of sweatpants and a broken-in t shirt. Being in comfortable clothes means a better opportunity to relax.

Order Your Own Relaxation Shot Today

Whether you’re looking for a calming drink for anxiety that you carried home with you or a relaxation drink to help you ease into the right mindset, AKA Lean just might be the perfect solution for you. Order yours today, then pour up and sip slow.

Brandon Bova
Brandon Bova