What Is AKA Lean?

What Is AKA Lean?

To put it simply, our relaxation syrup is designed to be the best on the market. We’ve spent years on research and development in order to get everything just right. Our extreme lean syrup just might be exactly what you’re looking for in order to drift into a state of peaceful tranquility.

Whether you’re enjoying it after a long day at work or you need to unwind on the weekend, AKA Lean is designed to help mellow you out. With a combination of ingredients that was specifically chosen for how they interact with the human body, it tastes delicious and it is sure to become a new favorite for you.

One of the Best Relaxation Drinks on the Market

So how do you make one of the best relaxation drinks? It starts with the right relaxation syrup. AKA Lean is a unique tasting purple syrup that you can pour into your favorite drink. Many choose Sprite, but any lemon-lime beverage will do the trick and the results are out of this world.

With an all-natural formula that can help to promote calm, AKA Lean is a great way to help yourself slip into a state of total relaxation. When your mind and body need a little help getting into this state, our extreme lean syrup just might be what you need to get the job done.

Order Yours Today

We proudly offer free shipping if you purchase more than one unit of AKA Lean, so stock up to make sure that you’re prepared for anything. Between its delicious taste and it’s calming effects, AKA Lean makes for one of the most perfect relaxation beverages of all time. Order yours today to see for yourself.